Revamping Vintage (Click to read more)

Revamping Vintage (Click to read more)

(Inspire The World, Inspire The Youth)

In 2019, Hood Hero was created in Cleveland, Ohio. The brand originated under the name “Neighborhood Hero”. Our Brand was created to bring awareness to inner city youth who are destined to make it out of concentrated neighborhoods.


We created art & apparel that took a creative spin on fashion, pop culture, and positive messages to develop pieces that stood out. Through experience, we encountered a hurdle called “Trademark” that we did not get over fast enough.

In the Fall of 2020, we had little to no time to make a name change and recreate all new appareal. We continued the same message and mission. Through unpredictable measures, we improved and created a better version of our clothing brand. We Revamped our minds, style, and life. Revamp Means Change. 

We continue to extend online shopping and in-person pop-up shopping to thousands of customers who have fallen in love with the grassroots of our brand. Revamp changed the owner's career and passion for entrepreneurship. As he began speaking at schools and uplifting the city through advocating for troubled youth.



During this time, the owner desired more. He desired to create a brand for his alter ego.

In the Spring of 2021, The Brand QueTv was officially aired on social media and to the public. In little to no time, this brand has skyrocketed.

QueTv brand has its own unique designs, structure, and creative wave. The authenticity of each item is what makes it so different. Both brands creating their target audience encourages the owners that art can change our world and can cultivate a better way of life through various routes of individual expression.


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